Career in Sports Massage!

“Champions Train, Losers Complain”! This is a quote that we came across and felt very apt for every person. Yes, don’t you think so? Athletes who complain about the wrong environment or things, they can’t succeed, while those who overcome it are only awarded winners!

Sports are essential for every person, to keep them active, keep their body strong and get all the organs going. Few take it as just a workout, while others consider it as Life, a Career, an Ambition, a Goal to be achieved. Just like it, there is a new trend in the same area, but a different category, Sports Massage Therapists.

Sports along with awards, bring in injuries too, however careful and attentive a person can be! Hence there is afield which takes care of such injuries and brings back the athlete to normal as soon as possible. Sports therapy is emerging as a profession lately, with graduates taking up the profession and work with sports participants to treat and prevent any injuries.

Sports massage therapies and the career in the same are booming with opportunities, as there are obvious injuries seen and an athlete never stops with it. Overcoming the obstacles is the real challenge an athlete'sfaces, and to do just that is the job of a sports therapist.

Here is all that you need to know to become a sports massage therapist:
Educational Qualification:

Sports massage therapy mostly needs a basic graduation course or degree completed in many countries, while in the UK; you don’t need to be a graduate or a postgraduate to take up career.

Sports Massage Training Course in London

is available at many reputed institutes and universities. Few of them require you to have a basic graduation certificate (related to sports is better) to carry forward, as it ensures that you have met basic eligibility criteria and have some basic knowledge massage therapy training.

In case you have a degree in other subjects, or masters in same,  you can take up Masters programme directly in sports therapy, which is offered by many universities like:

  • Leeds Beckett University
  • London Metropolitan University
  • Birmingham University

They offer an MSc programme in sports massage therapy

Basic skills that you must possess:


Staying sensitive to the injured person, when their skill and confidence is injured (both internally and externally)
So, what are the responsibilities that are handled by sports therapists? Read on.
Roles and Responsibilities:

Working pattern:

It’s almost like any other profession, needs to work for approximately 37 hours per week, weekends inclusive and that’s pretty common. If you are with any specific team, then you are required to be 7 days a week and on emergencies.


They are mostly standard in every sector, like when you work at specific clinics and for teams. When at a clinic, you can expect between 17k Euros to 28kEuros based on your experience.

When you are with a team(professional) expect anywhere between 30-35kEuros and its mainly for experienced candidates.

In case you own a private clinic, based on theexperience you can earn between 25-45 Euro per session.

So that’s the career outlook for a sports massage person, hope you got some useful info on the same. Wishing you good luck!




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